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Linker agritec is a new fertilizer R & D, manufacturing, marketing integration of producers and service providers



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Shandong Linker Agritec Co., Ltd. is located in Shouguang, China, the world famous vegetable town. Linker agritec is a new fertilizer R & D, manufacturing, marketing integration of producers and service providers, set high-quality product supply and LINKER service mode in one. Linker agritec is the pioneer of carbon enzyme special fertilizer category. Linker ® trademark has been successfully registered in many countries, opening the international cooperation strategy and making global agriculture obtain better harvest.

Shandong Linker Agritec Co., Ltd. has a number of invention patents, master the core production technology of CTC micro-carbon and growth promotion, and the core production technology of three choices and three chelates, leading the pace of intelligent agriculture. Linker agritec has always been committed to the core mission of crop and soil health, adhere to the core values of integrity, innovation, passion and responsibility, and constantly innovate and develop.

Focusing on the research of carbon enzyme technology for 15 years, combining traditional wisdom with modern science and technology, and through a large number of field experiments, we have successfully developed high-tech achievements, which have made healthy agriculture fruitful. To meet the world needs of saving natural resources, protecting ecological environment, ensuring food quality and safety.

Linker Carbon Enzyme:The unique properties of the technology are determined by raw materials and proprietary production processes.

Unique production process: Target → extraction → refining → concentration

Linker Carbon Enzyme: Known as the second sun of crops.

Through the use of natural forces (carbon enzyme) to provide both efficient and highly sustainable proprietary natural technology. Our natural chemical composition has generated strong technical value, enabling all stakeholders in the value chain to make profits and flourish.

The exclusive patented technology, through the optimization of natural raw materials and special extraction and concentration process. Extract small molecular organic acids from natural weathered lignite and use small molecular organic acids as the carrier of all products to improve the effectiveness and stability of the products.It greatly improves the utilization efficiency of various nutrients and saves various natural resources. These technologies are derived from a variety of mixtures of thousands of unique compounds. Several generations of plants adapted to the harsh environment have created rich sources of natural organic matter, which constitutes our technical basis.

Linker agritec management team and technical team have rich experience in the field of new fertilizer and biotechnology, based on the forefront of industry development, through leading technology, products and services, to create value for customers.

We have authoritative experts, professional teams, modern factories and professional production personnel. To become a reliable dependable & trustworthy fertilizer supplier is what we are doing and will always do. To establish a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with us is your best choice.Your success is our happiness!

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NO.1, Anqian Street, Gucheng Subdistrict, Shouguang City, Shandong Province

About Us

Linker Agritec is a manufacturer and service provider of a new type of fertilizer research and development, manufacturing, and marketing, integrating high-quality product supply and the Linkage service model.

About Us

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